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Here is ourfrequently asked questions (faqs) page. If you have a question that you don’t see here, feel free to reach out!

DuraSlic DS 1200 is an advanced ceramic coating that provides unparalleled automotive and truck-wheel protection. It offers hydrophobic, oleophobic, UV, and chemical resistance, safeguarding against brake dust, oils, and tar and promoting a self-cleaning effect.

DuraSlic DS 1500 is a permanent ceramic nano-coating known for its high hydrophobicity, gloss, abrasion resistance, and UV protection. 

It can be applied to various surfaces, including painted, coated, base metal, glass, and plastics, offering exceptional protection from water, chemicals, UV, and corrosion.

DuraSlic XtremeHG is an advanced ceramic coating with high hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, and slipperiness. It combines cutting-edge technology with a robust abrasion-resistant surface, providing superior protection and ease of cleaning.

DuraSlic FlowX is a breakthrough ceramic coating that enhances gloss and performance. It incorporates SuperSlic Technology to achieve best-in-class slickness and protection against water spots and mineral deposits.

DuraSlic Glass Prep & Panel Wipe is a professional-grade surface prep spray ideal for preparing painted surfaces for new wax, sealants, or ceramic coatings. It effectively removes contaminants and leaves no residue.

DuraSlic LeatherCoat Max is a one-step cleaner/conditioner and protective coating for leather surfaces. It cleans, rejuvenates, and protects leather, leaving a deep, luxurious shine while resisting UV and offering antibacterial protection.

DuraSlic SpeedCoat is a water-based ceramic coating for automobiles, trucks, and transportation assets. It imparts gloss, hydrophobicity, and protection from the elements with ease of application and robust abrasion resistance.

Yes, DuraSlic coatings are formulated with solvents that are not classified as VOCs and have been determined not to contribute to global warming. They comply with ECNA, REACH, RoHS, and RoHS II regulations, ensuring environmental responsibility.

Yes, we offer international shipping. Shipping details, including costs and delivery times, can be found during checkout. Additional customs fees and taxes may apply.

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The certification covers paint prep, ceramic coating understanding, hands-on training, selling techniques, and utilising DuraSlic resources for business growth. 

DuraSlic coatings form a robust, abrasion-resistant surface with long-lasting hydrophobic, oleophobic, and protective properties for automotive surfaces.