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$159.95 plus GST

Size: 6 fl oz.

Installer Price: Starting at $89

Longevity: 1 year standalone, bonds to longevity of any ceramic coating

Sliding Angle: 11.2

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Formulated with DuraSlic’s groundbreaking SuperSlic technology, FlowX provides a silky smooth finish while delivering robust protection against water spots. Born from industry feedback, this product ensures a complete and satisfying result, making vehicle maintenance a breeze. Whether used with DuraSlic Xtreme or as a standalone spray, FlowX is the go-to choice for a pristine, glossy, and slick appearance that lasts.

  • Easy-to-apply spray formulation for quicker application
  • Drastically reduces surface sliding angle, enabling contaminants to roll off effortlessly
  • Makes maintenance washes a breeze, saving time and effort
  • Enhances gloss, shine, and slickness for a showroom-quality finish
  • Compatible with any ceramic coating, offering versatility and convenience



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